Terrestrial Conservation

Our terrestrial conservation vision promotes the conservation of endemic plants and trees through agroecology, agroforestry, sustainable grazing, and community-based, sustainable use.

In-situ conservation: We focus on conserving Brava Island’s unique endemic plants through habitat protection, species monitoring, and community engagement.

Ex-situ conservation: We safeguard Cabo Verde’s endemic plant species outside their natural habitat through botanical gardens and seed banks, ensuring genetic diversity and preventing extinction.

Ecological restoration: Our program restores degraded ecosystems in Brava, including forests, wetlands, and coastal areas, using techniques like reforestation and invasive species removal to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Ongoing projects:

  • Pioneering Sustainable Grazing for Plants and People
  • Protecting Endemic Trees of Cape Verde’s ‘Island of Flowers’
  • Restoration of Key Biodiversity Area 25: Ribeira de Fajã de Água
  • Maintenance of Brava’s Forest Perimeter

Successfully completed projects: