Our Association is directed by a volunteer board who provide crucial support to ensure that we achieve our mission and vision.

Gemma Charles

Gemma Charles, a board member of Biflores since October 2020, brings extensive Cabo Verdean conservation experience. With a Masters in Conservation Science from Imperial College London and prior work with Fundacao Maio Biodiversidade, she now serves as a Field Programme Officer at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Gemma applies her international conservation skills to Biflores, focusing on strategic planning, fundraising, and administration.

Committed to conservation and community involvement, Gemma believes in ensuring conservation benefits local people. She fully supports Biflores’ team and their potential to positively impact Brava and its inhabitants, human and non-human alike.

Haleigh Jorgeson

Haleigh Jorgeson, a marine biologist and conservationist, is pursuing her PhD at the University of Essex, UK, focusing on anthropogenic impacts on marine environments. With nearly a decade of experience in conservation, she has worked extensively with marine turtles, trafficked birds and reptiles, and endangered plant species. Since 2016, she has been involved in conservation efforts in Cabo Verde and is passionate about continuing this work. As Vice-President of the Board at Biflores, Haleigh aims to support the organization through grant writing, research collaborations, and conservation expertise, ensuring a sustainable future for Cabo Verde’s people and wildlife.

Cherry Muijsson

Dr. Cherry Muijsson, Chief Investment Officer at BlackRock, merges nature conservation with finance, directing private capital towards nature restoration projects and sustainable business models. She manages pension scheme assets to secure retirement benefits and advises investment funds on biodiversity integration and sustainable strategies. With a PhD in macroeconomics from the University of Cambridge, Dr. Muijsson has held research positions in both private and governmental institutions, including academic supervision at Trinity College Cambridge. Her work is published in peer-reviewed journals.