Our Team

Who We Are

  • Our Association consists of 7 active members, 3 board members and 9 technical staff
  • We focus on 4 programs: Terrestrial Conservation, Marine Conservation, Sustainable Community Development, and Environmental Education
  • We partner with local, national and international institutions to conceive and implement projects

Our Team

We’re a diverse team dedicated to promoting biodiversity conservation through local development and sustainability. We blend local wisdom with global science to protect Brava’s unique species.

Our focus is on fostering resilience for both human and non-human communities on Brava. We advocate for a natural resource management system that benefits all, promoting harmony between people and nature amid climate change challenges.

Meet Our Team

Dheeraj Jayant

Executive Director

Carlos Bango

Terrestrial conservation program leader

Vani Furtado

Sustainable Grazing Project Leader

Darlene Pina

Communications Assistant

Anderson Gomes

Financial Coordinator

Hedson Santiago

Project Assistant

Adilson Pereira

Project Assistant for Terrestrial Conservation

Danielson da Cruz

Invasive Species Initiative Project Technician

Adelmo Gomes

Terrestrial Conservation Technician

Elizer Brito

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