Marine Conservation

Marine Conservation: Our vision is to enhance understanding of Brava’s marine biodiversity and promote sustainable ocean resource use for both species protection and improved livelihoods.

Biflores’ marine conservation program takes a comprehensive approach to safeguarding coastal and marine ecosystems. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to promote resilience and vitality for future generations.

The Guardians of the Sea participative monitoring program: We engage local stakeholders in the assessment and preservation of marine biodiversity, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate marine ecosystems and empowering communities to actively contribute to their conservation.

Our beach clean-ups and plastic reduction initiatives aim to combat marine pollution, ensuring cleaner shorelines and healthier habitats for marine life.

We promote sustainable artisanal fishing practices, working closely with fishermen to implement strategies that minimize bycatch and support the long-term sustainability of marine resources.

Biflores is actively involved in the project ‘Implementing a network of marine protected areas in Cabo Verde,’ collaborating with partners to enhance the management and conservation of marine protected areas, thereby safeguarding critical habitats and species.

Ongoing projects:

Past projects: